Bruxelles en Piste :
Circus on tour in Italy and France exports Brussels’ circus:
8 creations and recent shows,
more than 90 performances
from September 2018 to January 2019.

Bruxelles en Piste is a tour organised by the Halles de Schaerbeek, and made up mostly of former students from Brussels’ Circus Arts College, ESAC.

The Brussels companies represent both the young generation and experienced internationally famous artists: Back Pocket, Carré Curieux, Cie la scie du Bourgeon, Cie Menteuses, Gaël Santisteva, Piergiorgio Milano, Poivre Rose and Claudio Stellato.

The tour covers two regional areas : one centred on Piedmont, and supported by Emilia Romagna and Savoie ; the second is made up of the Pays de Loire with a dip into Brittany.

Back Pocket

The seven artists of Back Pocket are brought together by their love of acrobatic movement and their desire to produce a show with a high level of technical skill. They are inspired by the prospect of experimenting together with the limits of their bodies, creating new ways to move, speed, flexibility, agility, strength and precision.

In La Vrille du chat the acrobats defy the laws of space and time. Like in a cartoon where characters in difficult positions simply retreat without regard for the physical laws of our world, the virtuosity of the Back Pocket team leads to a manipulation and distortion of time.

Carré Curieux

Founded in 2007 by four young artists from ESAC circus arts college in Brussels, the company has reached international fame and tours all over the world (Europe, Canada, China, Russia, Peru, Chili, Japan, South Korea, Réunion island...).

Famille choisie
“We are four brothers. We weren’t originally: we became brothers. People say you don’t choose your family. We chose ours.”
Famille choisie deals with ‘artificial’ yet concrete family relationships that are created between individuals who are thrown together, on a daily basis, around a life project.

Cie la scie du Bourgeon

After several collective projects, Elsa Bouchez and Philippe Droz created their own company La Scie du Bourgeon as a way to return to more intimate research, linked to them as a duo.

With E-no-sens, La scie du Bourgeon dives into the mysterious and delicate process of aging. Philippe and Elsa aim to explore the process of construction and deconstruction using the body, movement and sound; they reflect upon humans’ capacity to learn throughout their lives.

Piergiorgio Milano

Shares his time between Brussels and Turin. A choreographer and performer, he constantly mixes the circus, dance and theatre, in relation to the world of clowning.

Where the burlesque meets the strange, Pesadilla associates dark humour and melancholy by telling the story of the fragility of man, shared between a dream with your eyes open, and a life lived with your eyes closed.

Cie Menteuses

Sarah Devaux and Célia Casagrande-Pouchet met at ESAC circus arts college in Brussels in 2011 through their shared talent for rope disciplines, one loved corde lisse, the other cloud swing. Two disciplines that used the same medium, but required different rhythms and movement.

A nos fantômes
Sarah and Célia worked with director Tom Boccara to develop a project that crosses circus and cinema. A nos fantômes tells the story of our desire for definite answers in the face of our mortality: an internal life, an invisible part a ghostly presence.

Gaël Santisteva

Has lived and worked in Brussels since 2007. After an intensive circus education where he specialised in the Russian swing, he worked as a performer in various dance and theatre companies. He began creating his own shows in 2012.

Talk Show is a performance-discussion in which circus is the perfect tool with which to tackle questions about age, obsolescence, evolution, mistakes and successes in our lives.

Claudio Stellato

A multi-talented artist born in Milan, Claudio Stellato now lives and works in Brussels. He travels and trains in the circus arts and theatre in various countries. He dances for several companies and creates his own pieces since 2011. He has been an associate dancer at the Halles de Schaerbeek in Brussels since January 2014.

La Cosa
Four steres of wood, four individuals and four axes. This is an organic and sensual attempt to combine bodies in movement with natural materials. A twisting choreography fed by circus disciplines, la Cosa speaks simply of the relationship between man and natural elements.

Poivre Rose

Born of a collaboration between five artists from Quebec, France and Belgium, the Poivre Rose company is united by its human complicity and shared creative objectives. Their goal is to conceive a space, a structure where their ideas, both good and bad, simple of heroic, have somewhere to be tried and tested.

This performance portrays the transition between being and forgetting. In its 2nd creation, Poivre Rose tackles the wanderings of the memory and, inspired by the work of Christian Boltanski, highlights them by moving from the pole to the trapeze by way of the Korean cradle and corde lisse. Faithful to the language suggested to it, Poivre Rose explores the topic with humour, finesse and a shifting viewpoint.

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